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Cultivating Connections, Nurturing Well-Being

SINCE 2023

Hi, I'm Savanah

Amidst a life-changing trip to South Africa, Savanah founded Kismet Collection—an ode to well-being and human connection. With a heart-centered intention to bring kindred spirits together in the world’s most beautiful places, Savanah’s vision unfolds as a gentle journey of self-exploration, interpersonal connection, and global discovery.

Incorporating a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, 5 years as a yoga instructor, a background in the events & music industry, and a wealth of travel experiences, Savanah brings a mosaic of skills to Kismet Collection. She cherishes authentic connections, crafts integrative experiences, and sees travel as a profound teacher of life.

At Kismet Collection, we delicately intertwine the threads of mind, body, and soul through calming yoga practices, therapeutic workshops, and nurturing meals set against the backdrop of breathtaking global destinations. Join us on a journey with Kismet Collection, where connection is not just a destination; it’s the tender heartbeat of our shared existence.

Who has come & where we have gone